Class OrderCreateQuoteCmdImpl

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    AccCommand, ControllerCommand, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, OrderCreateQuoteCmd, Protectable,,,,,,
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    public class OrderCreateQuoteCmdImpl
    extends ControllerCommandImpl
    implements OrderCreateQuoteCmd
    This command is the default implementation of the OrderCreateQuote Command.


    orderId (mandatory)
    The Id of the order. This should be a number.
    sensitiveInfoCopy (optional)
    This flag indicates whether sensitive information such as payments information needs to be copied. ("Y/N")
    blockInfoCopy (optional)
    This flag indicates whether block information needs to be copied. ("Y/N")
    description (optional)
    Description of the quote to be created.
    URL (mandatory)
    The URL to be called when the command completes successfully.


    The command does the following :

    1. Creates a Quote from an existing Order
    2. Calls OrderCopyCmd to copy the Order details and order items into the Quote
    3. Sets TYPE = QOT and STATUS = NEW for the new resulting Quote
    4. Resets PrepareFlags SKIP_REPRICING, SourceId if set for the Order.
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      • Field Detail

        • COPYRIGHT

          public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
          IBM copyright notice field.
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          Constant Field Values
      • Constructor Detail

        • OrderCreateQuoteCmdImpl

          public OrderCreateQuoteCmdImpl()
      • Method Detail

        • getUrl

          public java.lang.String getUrl()
          Gets the URL.
          istrUrl URL in the request
        • setUrl

          public void setUrl(java.lang.String astrUrl)
          Sets the URL.
          Specified by:
          setUrl in interface OrderCreateQuoteCmd
          astrUrl - URL in the request
        • setOrder

          public void setOrder(OrderAccessBean abOrder)
          Sets the Order to create Quote from. Adds it to the list of Orders to be processed
          Specified by:
          setOrder in interface OrderCreateQuoteCmd
          abOrder - Order access bean.
        • getSensitiveInfoCopyFlag

          public java.lang.String getSensitiveInfoCopyFlag()
          Gets the sensitive info copy flag.
          sensitive info copy flag
        • setSensitiveInfoCopyFlag

          public void setSensitiveInfoCopyFlag(java.lang.String senInfoCopyFlag)
          Sets the sensitive info copy flag.
          Specified by:
          setSensitiveInfoCopyFlag in interface OrderCreateQuoteCmd
          senInfoCopyFlag - sensitive info copy flag
        • getBlockInfoCopyFlag

          public java.lang.String getBlockInfoCopyFlag()
          Gets the block info copy flag.
          block info copy flag
        • setBlockInfoCopyFlag

          public void setBlockInfoCopyFlag(java.lang.String blInfoCopyFlag)
          Sets the block info copy flag.
          Specified by:
          setBlockInfoCopyFlag in interface OrderCreateQuoteCmd
          blInfoCopyFlag - block info copy flag
        • getDescription

          public java.lang.String getDescription()
          Gets the description of the Order to be generated from Quote.
          description of Order
        • setDescription

          public void setDescription(java.lang.String desc)
          Sets the description of the Order to be generated from Quote.
          Specified by:
          setDescription in interface OrderCreateQuoteCmd
          desc - description of Order
        • getQuoteOrderId

          public java.lang.String getQuoteOrderId()
          Gets the Id of the Quote created from Order.
          Specified by:
          getQuoteOrderId in interface OrderCreateQuoteCmd
          Id of Quote
        • setQuoteOrderId

          public void setQuoteOrderId(java.lang.String qid)
          Sets the Id of the Quote created from Order.
          qid - Id of Quote
        • checkInputOrderIdNumbers

          public void checkInputOrderIdNumbers()
                                        throws ECException
          Checks the OrderId parameters for Number format. Adds all valid Order Ids to ArrayList ivalidOrderNumbers
        • setResponsePropertiesForCommand

          public void setResponsePropertiesForCommand()
          Sets the response properties for the command invoked.
        • checkUrl

          public void checkUrl()
                        throws ECException
          Checks for the existence of the URL parameter in the request.
        • getCommit

          public boolean getCommit()
          Gets the commit flag.
          ibCommit Commit flag
        • setCommit

          public void setCommit(boolean commit)
          Sets the commit flag to control whether each quote is processed in a separate. database transaction
          commit - Commit flag
        • reset

          public void reset()
          Resets the instance fields.
          Specified by:
          reset in interface
          reset in class AbstractECTargetableCommand