Class FetchTransferredExternalOrderByStoreMemberAndStatusCmdImpl

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    public class FetchTransferredExternalOrderByStoreMemberAndStatusCmdImpl
    This task command retrieves a list of orders from internal and external system according to the search criteria specified by the client. The search criteria are specified by the input XPath queries. The following XPath queries can be processed by this command:
     /Order[OrderIdentifier[(ExternalOrderID=)] and OrderStatus[(Status=)]]
    ExternalOrderID is for outbound service use only, it's used for paging.
    Status is for internal get order service use only. For WC local orders fetch order by these statuses.
    This command composes the following XPath accordingly to call out bound service.
     /Order[OrderIdentifier[(UniqueID=) or (ExternalOrderID=)] and StoreIdentifier[(UniqueID=)] and BuyerIdentifier[(LogOnID=)]]
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      • FetchTransferredExternalOrderByStoreMemberAndStatusCmdImpl

        public FetchTransferredExternalOrderByStoreMemberAndStatusCmdImpl()
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        public void performExecute()
                            throws java.lang.Exception
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