Interface ListUsersInStoreMemberGroupCmd

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    public interface ListUsersInStoreMemberGroupCmd
    extends TaskCommand
    This interface must be implemented to provide a task command that returns the complete list users that belong to a specified member group and have Registered Customer role for the store the member group associated. Different implementations of this interface can be provided for different stores.
    • Field Detail

      • defaultCommandClassName

        static final java.lang.String defaultCommandClassName
        The name of the default implementation of this interface.
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    • Method Detail

      • setMemberGroupName

        void setMemberGroupName(java.lang.String memberGroupName)
        Sets the member group name. This parameter is required unless the member group access bean parameter is set.
        memberGroupName - The name of the member group.
      • setMemberGroupOwnerId

        void setMemberGroupOwnerId(java.lang.Long ownerId)
        Sets the owner of the member group. If this parameter is not specified then owner of the current store will be used.
        memberGroupOwnerId - The member id of the owner of the member group.
      • setMemberGroupAccessBean

        void setMemberGroupAccessBean(MemberGroupAccessBean memberGroupAccessBean)
        Sets the member group access bean. This parameter is required unless the member group name is specified. If you specify this parameter, then the conditions used to evaluate the implicit inclusion of users in a member group will be taken from the access bean.
        memberGroupAccessBean - The member group access bean.
      • getUsers

        UserAccessBean[] getUsers()
        Returns the user access beans for the users that belong to the specified member group. You must execute this task command before accessing this value.
        An array of UserAccessBean objects.
      • setQueryWrapper

        void setQueryWrapper(java.lang.String queryWrapper)
        Wraps the query used to determine the members of the group with the passed parameter. The parameter should be a string containing "%3CQUERY%3E" in the location the original query should be placed. All queries generated will return a set of MEMBER_ID values. Query wrappers may be any query fragment that uses %3CQUERY%3E to represent such a result set.
        queryWrapper - the query with which to wrap the original query.
      • setQueryOnly

        void setQueryOnly(boolean flag)
        Defers executing the query generated for querying members of the group to the caller. Useful when the caller wishes to manage the database connection and result set. The caller should use getQuery() to retreive the resulting SQL.
        flag - Set to true if only the SQL query is required, false otherwise.
      • getQuery

        java.lang.String getQuery()
        Returns the SQL query used to generate the list of members in the group.
        the SQL query used to generate the list of members in the group.
      • setMemberGroupIds

        void setMemberGroupIds(java.lang.String[] mbrGrpIds,
                               java.lang.String anyOrAll)
        This method sets the additonal member group IDs of the customer segments to which to return the list of users. These member group IDs are in addition to the member group passed in through the request property parameter memberGroupId to this command.
        mbrGrpIds - The set of IDs of the member groups to which to return the list of users.
        anyOrAll - Should the list of users be the customers in each of the specified groups (any), or should the list of users be those who are in all of the specified groups (all). Valid values are: any, all.