Interface DeleteMemberGroupAllMemberCmd

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    public interface DeleteMemberGroupAllMemberCmd
    extends TaskCommand
    This interface must be implemented to provide a task command that removes all member from a member group. Different implementations of this interface can be provided for different stores.
    • Field Detail

      • defaultCommandClassName

        static final java.lang.String defaultCommandClassName
        The name of the default implementation of this interface.
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    • Method Detail

      • setMemberGroupId

        void setMemberGroupId(java.lang.Long memberGroupId)
        Sets the member group ID. This parameter is required.
        memberGroupId - The ID of the member group.
      • getMemberGroupId

        java.lang.Long getMemberGroupId()
        Returns the member group ID of the member group that had all its members deleted.
        The ID of the member group.
      • setExclusion

        void setExclusion(java.lang.String exclusion)
        Sets the exclusion. This parameter is optional. if set, then this command will only delete all explicitly included or excluded members of this member group. Otherwise, will delete all explicitly included and excluded members. "1" excluded, "0" included
        exclusion - .
      • enableContentManagement

        void enableContentManagement(boolean enabled)
        Indicates whether Content Management flow should be used for the command
        enabled - true will use the Content Management flow