Class WhereClauseFilterCondition

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    public class WhereClauseFilterCondition
    extends WhereClauseCondition
    These objects represent WHERE clause conditions for filtering based on one or more values for an enumerated type. For example, the USERS.PROFILETYPE can take values {'B','C'}. This type of WHERE clause can generate queries that filter based on one or more of these values. Usage:
            WhereClauseCondition filterCondition = 
                    new WhereClauseFilterCondition( 
                            new TableField("USERS", "PROFILETYPE"),
    In this example, the filter is for the USERS.PROFILETYPE. The field has a maximum length of 2 characters, so if a larger value is submitted the entire WHERE clause will be discarded. The astrProfileTypes object represents the array of values to filter on.
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM Copyright
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      • WhereClauseFilterCondition

        public WhereClauseFilterCondition(TableField aTableField,
                                          java.lang.String[] astrFilterValues,
                                          int anMaxLength)
        Build a filter based on table/field name and allowable values.
        aTableField - The table and field to filter by.
        astrFilterValues - The filter values.
        anMaxLength - The maximum valid length for filter values.