Interface CIQuote

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    public interface CIQuote
    This is a generic interface to be implemented by any quote class. This interface consists of methods to authenticate a buyer, populate the data into the quote object, and retrieve shopping cart items from the quote object. To customize the quote, create a new implementation to this interface (a default implementation is provided in CIQuoteImpl).
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      • getMarketPlaceCredentials

        Credentials getMarketPlaceCredentials()
        This method gets the marketplace credentials.
        the marketplace credential information
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      • getProtocol

        java.lang.String getProtocol()
        This method gets the protocol name.
        the protocol name
      • getShoppingCartItems

        java.util.Vector getShoppingCartItems()
        This method gets a Vector of the items in the shopping cart.
        the Vector of shopping cart items
      • prepareQuote

        int prepareQuote(long orderRefNum,
                         CommandContext context,
                         RequisitionerSessionData reqSession)
                  throws ECException
        This method populates the quote object with the data from the database. This involves hydrating the quote items. This provides the necessary information for the redirect servlet to generate the response.
        orderRefNum - the order reference number
        context - the current command context
        reqSession - the session data for the current requisitioner session data
        code representing the operation status