Interface PromotionExecutionSequenceBuilder

  • All Superinterfaces:, XMLizable
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    DefaultSequenceBuilder, StaticSequenceBuilder, StorePathSupportedGroupFirstSequenceBuilder,

    public interface PromotionExecutionSequenceBuilder
    extends XMLizable
    Implementors of this interface are responsible for building a Promotion Execution Sequence. A promotion execution sequence defines a sequence in which promotions are attempted at runtime. The sequence builder is responsible for sorting the list of promotions returned by the agenda builder, and deciding the order in which promotions should be evaluated. This is a configurable component of the promotion engine.

    The following XML fragment in Promotion Engine configuration configures the sequence builder:
      <PromotionExecutionSequenceBuilder impl=
      "" />
    where the impl attribute value can be replaced with the fully qualified implementation class name of the Sequence Builder. All custom Sequence Builders must implement this interface which is a subclass of XMLizable.
    • Method Detail

      • buildSequence

        java.util.Vector buildSequence(PromotionContext context)
        Builds the sequences in which promotions are attempted at runtime.
        context - PromotionContext
        the sequence in a vector which contains promotions.