Class GenerateRankingPolicyCmdImpl

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    BusinessPolicyCommand,, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, TaskCommand, GenerateRankingPolicyCmd,,,,,,

    public class GenerateRankingPolicyCmdImpl
    extends AbstractGenerateRankingPolicyCmdImpl
    implements GenerateRankingPolicyCmd
    The GenerateRankingPolicyCmdImpl is the implementation of the GenerateRankingPolicyCmd interface which is used to generate a ranking list. The command overrides the generate and postGenerate methods. In the generate method, it composes a SQL according to the provided parameters and the specific database type. This SQL will generate the ranking list items. The postGenerate method will adjust the sequence of the ranking items if there are any list overrides specified. The ranking items will be persisted into the DMRANKINGITEM database table.

    This command supports the following two parameters. All the parameters are optional. These parameters can be set in the PROPERTIES column of the business policy command in the POLICYCMD database table.

    • PUBLISH_DATE_POLICY: Analyze records during the specified interval.
      • BACKWARD: Analyze records created in the last X days (the interval is specified in the campaign element).
      • FORWARD: Analyze records in the X days after the last time the list was generated (the interval is specified in the campaign element) after
      If this parameter is not set, the default value is BACKWARD.
    • pubFromDateTime: Analyze records after the specified date. If this parameter is set, then the PUBLISH_DATE_POLICY parameter is ignored.

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      • GenerateRankingPolicyCmdImpl

        public GenerateRankingPolicyCmdImpl()