Interface TaxOrderCmd

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    public interface TaxOrderCmd
    extends TaskCommand
    This interface allows an external tax package to be used from WCS to calculate taxes.
    • Method Detail

      • addOrderItem

        int addOrderItem(TaxOrderItemCmd aTaxOrderItem)
        Adds an order item to an order.

        aTaxOrderItem - an order item to be added to the order.
        the tax order item
      • getOrderItem

        TaxOrderItemCmd getOrderItem(int aItemNo)
        Retrieves an order item from an order.

        aItemNo - the id of order item to be retrieved from the order.

        The order item returned.
      • getTotalTax

        java.math.BigDecimal getTotalTax()
        Obtains the total tax calculated for this order for all relevant taxing authorities.

        The total tax calculated for this order.