Class ApplyCalculationUsageShippingTaxTIKCmdImpl

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    BusinessPolicyCommand,, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, TaskCommand, ApplyCalculationUsageShippingTaxTIKCmd, ApplyCalculationUsageTIKBaseCmd, ApplyCalculationUsageCmd, CalculationCmd,,,,,,

    public class ApplyCalculationUsageShippingTaxTIKCmdImpl
    extends ApplyCalculationUsageTIKBaseCmdImpl
    implements ApplyCalculationUsageShippingTaxTIKCmd
    The ApplyCalculationUsageShippingTaxTIKCmdImpl Task Command Implementation is called by the OrderPrepareCmd Controller Command to set the different shipping tax amounts (e.g. GST, PST etc.) for each OrderItem supplied by OrderPrepare.

    Given a set of OrderItems in a particular Order this command invokes the CalculationCodeCombineCmd task command to determine which CalculationCodes should be applied to which OrderItems. CalculationCodeCombineCmd returns a list of elements where each element is a CalculationCode and a list of OrderItems to which the CalculationCode is applicable.

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    With the list of OrderItems and the CalculationCodes, ApplyCalculationUsageShippingtaxTIKCmd uses the TaxOrderCmd and TaxOrderItemCmd interfaces provided in the Tax Integration Interface to invoke a tax calculation module to calculate the tax amounts for each of the OrderItems.

    If the command is successful, it will set the tax amounts in ORDERITEMS., Serialized Form

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      • ApplyCalculationUsageShippingTaxTIKCmdImpl

        public ApplyCalculationUsageShippingTaxTIKCmdImpl()
        Constructor for ApplyCalculationUsageShippingTaxTIKCmdImpl