Class ComposeATPInventoryAvailabilityForDKCmdImpl

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    public class ComposeATPInventoryAvailabilityForDKCmdImpl
    implements ComposeInventoryAvailabilityCmd
    This command implementation is used to compose the InventoryAvailabilityType from ATP inventory system. It should be registered in the CMDREG with interface: This implementation extends ComposeATPInventoryAvailabilityCmdImpl to support dynamic kit.
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM Copyright notice field.
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      • ComposeATPInventoryAvailabilityForDKCmdImpl

        public ComposeATPInventoryAvailabilityForDKCmdImpl()
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        public void execute()
        This method executes the main business logic of this class. It fetches the ATP inventory availability for every catalog entry/online store or catalog entry/physical store combination. Then it composes a list of InventoryAvailabilityType nouns and sets them. If the catalog entry type is ItemBean or PackageBean, the business logic is same as its super method. If the catalog entry type is DynamicKitBean, it resolves components of the dynamic kit from preconfiguration(the dynamic kit will be ignored if preconfiguration is not available). Then, it fetches available quantity and expected available date for each component. At last, it composes inventory availability at dynamic kit level for each online store and physical store.
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