Class UpdateGiftRegistryPurchaseRecordBOD

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    public class UpdateGiftRegistryPurchaseRecordBOD
    extends AbstractBusinessObjectDocument
    implements BusinessObjectDocument
    A BusinessObjectDocument for creating/updating a gift registry item purchase record. This BOD represents a service request that creates/updates purchase records of gift registry items. This BOD expects GiftRegistryPurchaseRecordVO objects has its nouns.
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM copyright notice field.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • UpdateGiftRegistryPurchaseRecordBOD

        public UpdateGiftRegistryPurchaseRecordBOD()
        Default constructor. Constructs an empty BOD.
      • UpdateGiftRegistryPurchaseRecordBOD

        public UpdateGiftRegistryPurchaseRecordBOD(ActivityToken aToken,
                                                   DataArea dataArea)
        Constructs the object by specifying a token and DataArea
        aToken - an activity token that uniquely identifies the activity to which this service BOD belongs
        dataArea - A DataArea instance that contains verb and nouns
    • Method Detail

      • getGiftRegistryPurchaseRecords

        public GiftRegistryPurchaseRecordVO[] getGiftRegistryPurchaseRecords()
        Gets all the gift registry announcements stored in the data area
        all the nouns this BOD has
      • setGiftRegistryPurchaseRecords

        public void setGiftRegistryPurchaseRecords(GiftRegistryPurchaseRecordVO[] giftRegistryPurchaseRecords)
        Sets gift registry item purchase records in the data area of this BOD
        an - array of GiftRegistryPurchaseRecordVO[]