Class PostGiftRegistryAnnouncementBOD

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    public class PostGiftRegistryAnnouncementBOD
    extends AbstractBusinessObjectDocument
    implements BusinessObjectDocument
    A BusinessObjectDocument for posting a gift registry announcement. This BOD represents service request of posting a gift registry announcement. It is up to the command that processes this BOD to decide how an announcement should be post, and what the announcement looks like. This BOD contains only data that is needed for posting announcement. Only GiftRegistryAnnouncementVO can be used for nouns in this BOD.
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM copyright notice field.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • PostGiftRegistryAnnouncementBOD

        public PostGiftRegistryAnnouncementBOD()
        Default constructor
      • PostGiftRegistryAnnouncementBOD

        public PostGiftRegistryAnnouncementBOD(ActivityToken aToken,
                                               DataArea dataArea)
        Constructs the object by specifying a token and DataArea
        aToken - an activity token that uniquely identifies the activity to which this service BOD belongs
        dataArea - A DataArea instance that contains verb and nouns
    • Method Detail

      • getGiftRegistryAnnouncements

        public GiftRegistryAnnouncementVO[] getGiftRegistryAnnouncements()
        Gets all the gift registry announcements stored in the data area
        All the nouns this BOD has
      • setGiftRegistryAnnouncement

        public void setGiftRegistryAnnouncement(GiftRegistryAnnouncementVO[] giftRegistryAnnouncements)
        Sets gift registry announcements in the data area of this BOD
        The - nouns to be assigned to this BOD