Class ECGiftRegistryQuery

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    public class ECGiftRegistryQuery
    extends ECQuery
    Query object used for searching a gift registry. Tables that can be used with this query object are:
    • GRGFTREG - The gift registry record
    • GRRGSTRNT - The gift registrants for a gift registry
    • GRADDR - The address for each gift registrant
    • GREVNTTYPE - The gift registry event type
    • GRETDESC - The gift registry event type description
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM Copyright
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        Constant Field Values

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_GRRGSTRNT
        Join condition for the registry table and registrant table.

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_GRADDR
        Join condition for the address table and registrant table.

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_GREVNTTYPE
        Join condition for the GREVNTTYPE table and registry table.

        public static java.lang.String JOIN_GRETDESC
        Join condition for the GRETDESC table and registry table.

        public static final java.lang.String CLASSNAME
        The class name field.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ECGiftRegistryQuery

        public ECGiftRegistryQuery()
        Default constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • setDefaultSelectTableFields

        public void setDefaultSelectTableFields(TableField[] aSelectTableFields)
        Set the Default TableField object that will be used for the SELECT clause.
        aSelectTableFields - of TableField objects
      • setJoinInformation

        public void setJoinInformation(java.util.Vector asvecJoinInformation)
        Sets the join information used by ECQuery This is required if GiftRegistrySearchDataBeanBase is extended to sort or search by new table fields. This is not required if you only need to search for fields in the tables supported by GiftRegistrySearchDataBeanBase.
        asvecJoinInformation - of JoinInformation objects.
      • setAllFromTables

        public void setAllFromTables(java.util.Set setFromTables)
        Set the FROM Tables for the search query If not specified, by default, the FROM tables will be taken from the SELECT, WHERE and JOIN clauses. It is better to use the default rather than setting the FROM tables if possible because you will then need to ensure that your specified FROM tables match the rest of the constructed SQL.
        setAllFromTables in class ECQuery
        aSetFromTables - The set of FROM Tables
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      • executeUnionQuery

        public java.util.Vector executeUnionQuery(ECGiftRegistryQuery query)
                                           throws java.sql.SQLException
        This method executes a union query by merging this as the first query with the query passed as the parameter. Both the queries are validated individually before merging. However, the merged query is not validated. The paging parameters are extracted from this query while the order by parameter is taken from the query passed as parameter.
        query -
        A vector of results. If the queries are not valid, an empty vector is returned.
        java.sql.SQLException - When an exception occurs while running the query.
      • getUnionQueryResultSize

        public java.lang.Integer getUnionQueryResultSize()
        This method returns the result set size of the union query.
        The result set size of the union query that was executed.