Class GiftRegistryExtendOrderItemProcessCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, TaskCommand, ExtendOrderItemProcessCmd,,,,,,

    public class GiftRegistryExtendOrderItemProcessCmdImpl
    extends ExtendOrderItemProcessCmdImpl
    implements ExtendOrderItemProcessCmd
    This class extends ExtendOrderItemProcessCmdImpl. It adds logic to the create or update relationship between orderItem and gift registries, if the orderItems are associated a gift registry.

  • For every orderItem, if externalId is passed, the command finds the relationship entry in the ORDERITEMGIFT table based on the ID and the externalId. If it cannot find this relationship, it creates a relationship between the orderItem and the gift registry.
  • If externalId is not passed, it finds the relationship entry between the orderItem and the gift registry based on the orderItemId.
  • If the relationship entry is found or created, and if a gift message or ShipToRegistrant values are passed in, it updates them separately. If ShipToRegistrant is not passed in but addressId is passed in, update ShipToRegistrant to 0(SHIP_TO_SHOPER_CONSTANT).
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
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      • GiftRegistryExtendOrderItemProcessCmdImpl

        public GiftRegistryExtendOrderItemProcessCmdImpl()
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      • setRequestProperties

        public void setRequestProperties(TypedProperty aRequestProperties)
                                  throws ECException
        Pass the parameters from the caller to the task command.


      • Calls parent class implementation
      • Then, resolves the parameters from a gift registry
Specified by:
setRequestProperties in interface ExtendOrderItemProcessCmd
setRequestProperties in class ExtendOrderItemProcessCmdImpl
aRequestProperties - request properties.