Class GiftListCheckUserInMemberGroupCmdImpl

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      • GiftListCheckUserInMemberGroupCmdImpl

        public GiftListCheckUserInMemberGroupCmdImpl()
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      • evaluate

        public boolean evaluate(java.lang.String variable,
                                java.lang.String operator,
                                java.lang.String value,
                                SimpleCondition.Qualifier[] qualifiers)
        Overrides CheckUserInMemberGroupCmdImpl#evaluate(String, String, String, Qualifier[]) method to include a simple condition check for evaluating the gift registry completion program segment. The following shows the simple condition for the gift registry completion program segment which will be evaluated by the method.
        <variable name="forGCCompletionProgram"/>
        <operator name="="/>
        <value data="T"/>
        If the segment is a gift registry completion program segment, the business rule validator classes are invoked to check whether the user is currently eligible for getting a promotion on the registry that is being currently completed.
        Specified by:
        evaluate in interface Evaluator
        evaluate in class CheckUserInMemberGroupCmdImpl
        variable - The name of the variable.
        operator - The name of the operator.
        value - The data for the value.
        qualifiers - An array of qualifiers.
        true if the condition evaluates to true.