Class GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, TaskCommand, GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmd,,,,,,

    public class GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmdImpl
    extends TaskCommandImpl
    implements GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmd
    The default implementation of the GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmd task command interface. The GiftListType noun should be set before invoking the performExecute method. A unique 128bit UUID is generated for every command invocation as the access key. The command sets the access key appropriately into the model object. Note that the getAccessKey() method always returns a different key than the key set in the request BOD
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
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        public static final java.lang.String CLASSNAME
        Constants for logging and tracing.
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      • GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmdImpl

        public GenerateGiftRegistryAccessKeyCmdImpl()