Interface CheckInventoryCmd

  • All Superinterfaces:,,,, ECCommand,,, TaskCommand
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    CheckInventoryCmdImpl, InventoryBaseCmdImpl, ResolveFulfillmentCenterCmdImpl, ReverseUpdateInventoryCmdImpl, UpdateInventoryCmdImpl, UpdateInventoryForOrderItemsCmdImpl

    public interface CheckInventoryCmd
    extends TaskCommand
    CheckInventory let you check inventory for items. There are two ways to check inventory.
    • Set one or list of order items by calling setOrderItem method.
    • Set one catalog entry by calling setCatEntryId, setQuantity and setStoreId methods. Method setQuantityMeasure is optional.
    The fulfillmentCenterId is optional.

    If the check inventory fails, it throws ECApplicationException with the message key _API_BAD_INV and the error view of CheckInventoryErrorView.

    • Method Detail

      • setCatEntryId

        void setCatEntryId(java.lang.Long aCatEntryId)
        Set a Catalog Entry Id to check the inventory.
      • setFulfillmentCenterId

        void setFulfillmentCenterId(java.lang.Integer aFulfillmentCenterId)
        Set a fulfillment center Id to check the inventory.
      • setOrderItem

        void setOrderItem(OrderItemAccessBean[] orderItems)
        Set a list of OrderItems to check the inventory.
      • setOrderItem

        void setOrderItem(OrderItemAccessBean anOrderItem)
        Set an OrderItem to check the inventory.
      • setOrderItem

        void setOrderItem(java.util.Vector anOrderItemList)
        Set a list of OrderItems to check the inventory.
      • setQuantity

        void setQuantity(java.lang.Double aQuantity)
        Set a quantity to check the inventory.
      • setQuantityMeasure

        void setQuantityMeasure(java.lang.String quantityMeasure)
        Set a quantity measure to check the inventory (optional).
      • setStoreId

        void setStoreId(java.lang.Integer aStoreId)
        Set a store id to check the inventory.
      • setReturnErrorIfNoInventory

        void setReturnErrorIfNoInventory(boolean returnError)
        Set if error should be returned if items are out of stock
      • getOutOfInventoryOrderItems

        java.util.Vector getOutOfInventoryOrderItems()
        Get out of stock order items
        vector of OrderItemAccessBeans
      • setContinue

        void setContinue(java.lang.String aContinue)
        set the value of Continue