Class SolrRESTSearchCatalogEntryViewAttributesQueryPostprocessor

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    public class SolrRESTSearchCatalogEntryViewAttributesQueryPostprocessor
    extends AbstractSolrSearchQueryPostprocessor
    implements SearchQueryPostprocessor
    This is a Solr specific implementation of the search query post-processor for adding product/SKU Attributes to the CatalogEntryView part of the response. It expects that products and their SKUs were already added to the iSearchResponseObject by another search query. it populate the AD attributes. This is the expected order of values in the ad_attribute index field CATENTRYATTR.ATTR_ID [0] ATTR.IDENTIFIER [1] ATTRDESC.NAME [2] CATENTRYATTR.SEQUENCE [3] CATENTRYATTR.ATTRVAL_ID [4] ATTRVAL.IDENTIFIER [5] ATTRVALDESC.VALUE [6] ATTRVALDESC.SEQUENCE [7] ATTR.DISPLAYABLE [8] ATTR.SEARCHABLE [9] ATTR.COMPARABLE [10] ATTR.STOREDISPLAY [11] ATTR.FACETABLE [12] CATENTRYATTR.USAGE [13] ATTRVALDESC.IMAGE1 [14]