Class SQLComposer

  • java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • SQLComposer

        public SQLComposer()
    • Method Detail

      • composeSQLStatement

        public abstract SQLComposer.SQLComposerInfo composeSQLStatement(java.lang.String sqlName,
                                                                        java.lang.String entityTableName,
                                                                        java.util.List resultSetInfo,
                                                                        java.lang.String sqlstatement,
                                                                        java.util.List params)
                                                                 throws DataServiceSystemException
        Compose the final SQL statement. This is the extension point where a SQLComposer can modify the SQL statement. If the composer modify the select clause, it should update the resultSetInfo accordingly.
        sqlName - The name of the sql statement specified in the query template
        entityTableName - The entity table name specified in the query template
        resultSetInfo - The current resultSet info, which is a list of ResultSetData. If there is no result set info, this will an empty list and the value will never be null.
        sqlstatement - The optional SQL statement specified in the query template. This could be null if there is no SQL statement specified in the query template
        params - A list of optional parameters of type String specified in the query template. If no parameters are specified, this would be an empty list and will never be null.
        DataServiceSQL A structure representing the final SQL statement, its resultSet info.
      • getSelectionCriteria

        public SelectionCriteria getSelectionCriteria()
        Gets the SelectionCriteria object which contains the search expression information.
        The caller's search information.
      • setSelectionCriteria

        public void setSelectionCriteria(SelectionCriteria aSelectionCriteria)
        Sets the selectin criteria information from the caller.
        aSelectionCriteria - the caller's selection critieria information.