Interface EntityContainer

  • public interface EntityContainer
    Entity container stores persistent objects (entities) and associated information such as the data source associated with this container.
    • Method Detail

      • getEntityObjects

        java.util.List getEntityObjects()
        Return a collection of entity objects stored in this container.
        a collection of entity objects
      • getPagingTotal

        java.math.BigInteger getPagingTotal()
        Returns the total number of physical objects which match the specified selection criteria in a paged search.
        the total number of the physical objects
      • getPagingRecordSetCompleteIndicator

        boolean getPagingRecordSetCompleteIndicator()
        Returns the information if the last page of the paging.
        a boolean value to indicate if the paging completed. true: it is the last page, false: there are more pages.
      • getPagingRecordSetReferenceId

        java.lang.String getPagingRecordSetReferenceId()
        Returns a paging reference identifier for a paging request. This identifier is used resolve paging information on a subsequent request.
        the reference id of the paging record set
      • getPagingRecordSetStartNumber

        java.math.BigInteger getPagingRecordSetStartNumber()
        This method returns the index of the first record to be retrieved from the query result set.
        The index of the first record to be returned
      • getPagingRecordSetCount

        java.math.BigInteger getPagingRecordSetCount()
        Returns the number of records from the result set returned by this request.
        number of records from the result set.