Interface BusinessObjectDocumentCmd

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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM Copyright notice field.
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      • getResultBusinessObjectDocument

        BusinessObjectDocumentType getResultBusinessObjectDocument()
        This method returns the response business object document. This generic method should delegate to the appropriate get method that returns the typed business object document the implementation returns.
        The business object document that is the response to the request.
      • setRequestBusinessObjectDocument

        void setRequestBusinessObjectDocument(BusinessObjectDocumentType businessObjectDocument)
        This method sets the business object document to process. This is the generic method that will call the appropriate set method that accepts a specific type of business object document that the command implementation will understand.
        businessObjectDocument - The request business object document to be processed.
      • handleException

        void handleException(java.lang.Exception exception)
        This method sets the exception as the result of executing the request. The command implementation uses this call out method to populate the response business object document with the exception information. Although the getResultBusinessObjectDocument() will still be used to return the result, this call out will indicate that exception information is required to be populated.
        exception - The application exception that occurred when executing the business object document.