Interface DataWriter

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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM Copyright notice field.
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      • getConfigProperties

        ConfigProperties getConfigProperties()
        Get the instance of the ConfigProperties of the DataWriter. Call this method when you need to get more specific properties from the ConfigProperties.
        the ConfigProperties
      • setConfigProperties

        void setConfigProperties(ConfigProperties aConfigProperties)
        Sets the ConfigProperties to the DataWriter. You normally don't need to call this method unless you want to override the ConfigProperties which is initialized from a business object configuration file.
        aConfigProperties - a ConfigProperties
      • initConfig

        ConfigProperties initConfig(org.w3c.dom.Node dataWriterNode,
                                    ConfigProperties parentConfigProperties)
                             throws DataLoadException

        This method parses the DataWriter xml node read in from the data load configuration file and stores the configuration in memory.

        dataWriterNode - The DataWriter xml node read in from the data load configuration file.
        parentConfigProperties - The configuration properties for the parent business object mediator of this data writer.
        ConfigProperties The initialized configuration for this data writer.
        DataLoadException - An application exception will be thrown if there was a problem initializing the configuration for the data writer.
      • save

        void save(java.lang.Object dataObjects)
           throws DataLoadException
        Save the physical data objects.
        dataObjects - physical data objects to be insert, update and delete, respectively
        DataLoadException - this exception is thrown if there was some problem to save the data objects.