Class TableObjectMediator

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    public class TableObjectMediator
    extends AbstractBusinessObjectMediator

    This table object mediator is an extension to the concept of a business object mediator for data load. The table object mediator is responsible for accepting pre-populated value objects representing physical tables (table data objects) in the data base. The partially populated table data objects will be additionally populated by this mediator with values that need to be resolved through the business context service or an ID resolution.

    The TableObjectMediator extends the AbstractBusinessObjectMediator. The data object passed to the transform() method is an instance of List and each element in the list is an instance of ExtendedTableDataObject.

    The table object builder will populate the table data object using all column values which are from the input data and fixed value. The values which are from business context and need to be resolved by ID resolution are populated by this TableObjectMediator.

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    BusinessObjectMediator, AbstractBusinessObjectMediator, ExtendedTableDataObject, TableObjectBuilder