Interface BouncedEmailReporter

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    public interface BouncedEmailReporter
    Defines the interface requirements for a class to be considered a bounced e-mail reporter. It is assumed that classes implementing this interface will connect to an e-mail server and retreive the bounce back e-mail messages.
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      • getBouncedEmailReport

        BouncedEmailReport[] getBouncedEmailReport()
        Reports the detected bounced messages from email activities.
        An array of BouncedEmailReport objects that contains the detected email addresses that bounced for email activities.
        Throws: - Thrown when the host name used to connect to the email server is invalid. - Thrown when retrieval of email messages from the email server fails.
      • setDeleteMessages

        void setDeleteMessages(boolean delete)
        Set to true if the reporter should delete the email messages after it parses them. Default value should be false.
        delete - set to true if the reporter should delete the e-mail it parses them.