Class PrepareLineOfCreditPIsForEditPolicyCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BusinessPolicyCommand,, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, TaskCommand, PreparePIsForEditPolicyCmd,,,,,,

    public class PrepareLineOfCreditPIsForEditPolicyCmdImpl
    extends PreparePIsForEditPolicyCmdImpl
    This class extends PreparePIsForEditPolicyCmdImpl.


    • It retrieves the values of the following payment attributes from the WebSphere Commerce database and adds them to the LineOfCredit payment instructions:
    • BuyerOrgName
    • BuyerOrgDN
    • WCAccountId (based on the value of paymentTCId, if specified)

    Input parameters:

    commandContext The command context.
    orderId A Long that specifies the order ID.
    iPIs An EDPPaymentInstruction[] represents the payment instructions.
    iPaymentTCInfos A PaymentTCInfo[] that represents the PaymentTCInfos applicable to the payment instructions.

    Output parameters:


    Task commands called:

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      • PrepareLineOfCreditPIsForEditPolicyCmdImpl

        public PrepareLineOfCreditPIsForEditPolicyCmdImpl()
        PrepareLineOfCreditPIsForEditPolicyCmdImpl constructor.