Class DynaCacheInvalidationCaptureHelper

  • java.lang.Object

  • public final class DynaCacheInvalidationCaptureHelper
    extends java.lang.Object
    Provides a way to call the DynaCacheInvalidation scheduler job directly to capture a list of cache invalidation requests without actually issuing them to DynaCache.
    • Method Detail

      • setMaxCaptureSize

        public void setMaxCaptureSize(int aMaxCaptureSize)
        Sets the maximum number of invalidation requests to capture. The actual number of invalidation requests captured may exceed the specified maximum.
        aMaxCaptureSize - the maximum number of invalidation requests to capture.
      • setCacheinstances

        public void setCacheinstances(java.util.HashSet asetCacheInstances)
        Set the cache instances for which invalidation requests should be captured.
        asetCacheInstances - a set of object cache instances for which invalidation requests should be captured, or null to capture requests for all cache instances.
      • setStartTime

        public void setStartTime(java.sql.Timestamp atsStartTime)
        Sets the start timestamp used to query rows in the CACHEIVL table using INSERTTIME column values. This has no effect if the continuationInfo property is set.
        atsStartTime - the start time.
      • setContinuationInfo

        public void setContinuationInfo(java.util.ArrayList alistContinuationInfo)
        Sets the optional continuation information. Use this to resume processing from a specific location.
        alistContinuationInfo - continuation information obtained from a previous execution.
      • captureCacheivlInvalidationRequests

        public void captureCacheivlInvalidationRequests()
        Invokes the DynaCacheInvalidationJob to capture DynaCache invalidation requests. Processing continues until either the specified maximum capture size has been reached, or there are no more rows in the CACHEIVL table to process.
      • getContinuationInfo

        public java.util.ArrayList getContinuationInfo()
        Returns continuation information. Obtain this after processing, and use it to resume processing by passing it to the setContinuationInfo method.
        continuation information.
      • getCapturedInvalidationRequests

        public java.util.ArrayList getCapturedInvalidationRequests()
        Returns the list of captured invalidation requests. The size of the list may exceed the specified maxCaptureSize.
        the list of captured invalidation requests. Each element in the list is an Object[2] of 2 elements. The first element is the String invalidation id, or null to indicate the cache was cleared. The second element is the object cache the invalidation id was sent to. It may be one of the following types of object caches. (in which case the invalidation id is a template invalidation id)