Interface UseCouponIdCmd

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    AccCommand,,,, ControllerCommand, ECCommand, Protectable,,
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    The WC54 coupon feature will be replaced by the WC56 promotion engine coupon feature.

    public interface UseCouponIdCmd
    extends ControllerCommand

    This command is invoked when the customer specifies a set of eCoupon codes explicitly while checking out.

    The input to this command is :

    • couponIds:Long
          The IDs of ecoupons that were selected for use with order.
    • orderId:Integer
          The order under consideration.
    • SUCCESS_URL:String
          Optional : The URL to redirect to if the selection was correct.
    • FAILURE_URL:String
          Optional : The URL to redirect to if the selection was incorrect.
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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM copyright notice field.
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        static final java.lang.String defaultCommandClassName
        defaultCommandClassName is the default implementation class used by command factory to instantiate this command if the interface is not defined in the CMDREG table
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