Interface AcceptCouponFromBannerAdCmd

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    AccCommand,,,, ControllerCommand, ECCommand, Protectable,,
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    The WC54 coupon feature will be replaced by the WC56 promotion engine coupon feature.

    public interface AcceptCouponFromBannerAdCmd
    extends ControllerCommand
    This command creates and puts an eCoupon in the customer's wallet when the customer clicks on a banner ad or an e-mail link to accept an eCoupon.

    The inputs to this command are:

    • promoName:String
      The name of the eCouponPromotion to accept the eCoupon from.
    • acceptedFrom:String
      The medium from which the eCoupon was accepted (optional). Valid values are: 'B', 'E'
    • storeId:Integer
      The ID of the store concerned. Required only if acceptedFrom is not 'B'.
    • shopperEmailId:String
      The e-mail ID of the customer accepting the eCoupon (optional).
    • URL:String
      The URL to which the browser will be redirected (optional).
    ViewNames If the URL was specified, the resulting view will be dictated by it. Otherwise it will use the following views: SearchWalletView : If the coupon was accepted successfully BannerAdErrorView : Otherwise
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