Class CreateLightWeightStoreWrapperCmdImpl

  • java.lang.Object
  • All Implemented Interfaces:,,,, CreateLightWeightStoreCmd, CreateLightWeightStoreWrapperCmd,,

    public class CreateLightWeightStoreWrapperCmdImpl
    extends CreateLightWeightStoreCmdImpl
    implements CreateLightWeightStoreWrapperCmd
    This is a wrapper class of CreateLightWeightStoreCmdImpl (create light weight store). CreateLightWeightStoreCmdImpl can be extended to add more methods or to override existing methods. The default performExecute method can be overrided to call the new extended 'create light weight store' command.

    Calling command: DeployContractCmd The following command is used: CreateLightWeightStoreCmd
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        public static final java.lang.String CLASSNAME
        The name of this class is "".
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        The internal copyright field.
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      • CreateLightWeightStoreWrapperCmdImpl

        public CreateLightWeightStoreWrapperCmdImpl()
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      • performExecute

        public void performExecute()
        Calls the CreateLightWeightStoreCmd to create the store. This method can be modified to call other commands.
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        performExecute in interface
        performExecute in class CreateLightWeightStoreCmdImpl
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