Interface LockingPolicy

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    NoLockingPolicy, SingleUserLockingPolicy, TaskGroupLockingPolicy, TaskLockingPolicy, WorkspaceLockingPolicy

    public interface LockingPolicy
    This is an interface that describes the content management locking policy. A locking policy is a service object that offers a set of API to determine why a managed resource is locked. It is based on some session or environment variables. Different deployment strategies will have different requirements. For this reason, this interface defines the set of services offered where specialized instances of this service are created to cover different locking requirements.
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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
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    • Method Detail

      • canActivityModifyManagedResource

        boolean canActivityModifyManagedResource(ActivityToken activityToken,
                                                 LockData lockData)
        This method determines whether the activity has permission to modify the resource. Otherwise it is considered untouchable to the current activity.
        activityToken - The current activity.
        lockData - The lock data of the resource.
        This method returns whether the current activity can modify the object.
      • isManagedResourcedLocked

        boolean isManagedResourcedLocked(LockData managedResourceLockData,
                                         LockData environmentLockData)
        This method determines whether the managed resource is locked and thus whether the current operation should be completed. This is based on the current managed resource lock data and the current lock data that represents the current environment or session state.
        managedResourceLockData - The current lock data associated with the managed resource.
        environmentLockData - The lock data representation of the environment associated with the current operation.
        This method returns whether the managed resource is considered locked and whether the current operation should be performed based on the current environment context.