Interface ServiceMapper

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    public interface ServiceMapper
    A ServiceMapper converts a given set of properties into a service request. A converted service request is stored in MappingResult.
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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM copyright notice field.
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      • setServiceMappingConfiguration

        void setServiceMappingConfiguration(ServiceMappingConfiguration config)
        Sets the configuration used for mapping
        config - the configuration to be used.
      • convert

        MappingResult convert(java.lang.String name,
                              java.util.Map properties)
                       throws ServiceMappingException
        Converts the given properties to a service request. Overwrite this method if you want to provide customized logic of convert a set of name-value pairs into a MappingResult object.
        name - The name that can be used to identify the rules used for mapping
        properties - the set of properties to be converted
        A MappingResult that stores the converted service request.
        ServiceMappingException - thrown when any fatal problems happened during conversion