Interface ValidateGiftRegistryValuesCmd

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    BusinessObjectDocumentCmd,,,,, ECCommand,,, TaskCommand
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    public interface ValidateGiftRegistryValuesCmd
    extends BusinessObjectDocumentCmd
    Validates the gift registry value object based on the business rules.
    The class will validate each of the gift registries in the incoming UpdateGiftRegistryBOD and then validate the gift items. Validation is based on the defined business rules stored in the GRREGRULES table.

    Called from Operation: UpdateGiftRegistryCmd
    In Parameter: UpdateGiftRegistryBOD
    Result: Returns ECApplicationException if an error occurs.

    If an error occurs when validating a gift registry value object, the GiftRegistryVO along with a GiftRegistryMessage will be added to the error hashtable. If an error occurs when validating a gift item, the GiftRegistryItemVO along with a GiftRegistryMessage will be added to a hashtable. The hashtable will be returned to as part of the ECApplicationException.

    On error, a ECApplicationException is thrown with possible messages:
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