Class UpdateGiftRegistryPurchaseRecordCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BusinessObjectDocumentCmd,, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, TaskCommand, UpdateGiftRegistryCmd,,,,,,

    public class UpdateGiftRegistryPurchaseRecordCmdImpl
    extends BusinessObjectDocumentCmdImpl
    implements UpdateGiftRegistryCmd
    Create or update the purchase record for the gift item

    • execute CheckGiftRegistryPurchaseRecordEligibilityCmd, to validate the inputs
    • execute PersistGiftRegistryItemPurchaseRecordCmd, to store the purchase record to the database

    On error, an ECException is thrown from descendant classes.
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        IBM copyright notice field.
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      • UpdateGiftRegistryPurchaseRecordCmdImpl

        public UpdateGiftRegistryPurchaseRecordCmdImpl()
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      • performExecute

        public void performExecute()
                            throws ECException
        This command checks if a given gift registry purchase record is eligible to be updated or created. Then, this command persists the gift registry purchase record.
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        performExecute in interface ECCommand
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        performExecute in interface
        performExecute in class AbstractECTargetableCommand