Interface UpdateGiftRegistryCmd

  • All Superinterfaces:
    BusinessObjectDocumentCmd,,,,, ECCommand,,, TaskCommand
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    UpdateGiftRegistryCmdImpl, UpdateGiftRegistryPurchaseRecordCmdImpl

    public interface UpdateGiftRegistryCmd
    extends BusinessObjectDocumentCmd
    Updates, and creates a gift registry or gift registry purchase record object.

    When used for creating or updating gift registry, it has the following basic behaviours:
    • execute ValidateGiftRegistryValuesCmd, to validate the inputs
    • execute GenerateGiftRegistryExternalIdCmd, to generate an ExternalId for the registry
    • execute PersistGiftRegistryCmd, to store the object to the database
    • execute SendGiftRegistryMessageCmd, to send an MQ message to another system
    • execute SendGiftRegistryConfirmationCmd, to send out a confirmation email
    • execute CheckGiftRegistryCredentialsCmd, to authenticate the user on this registry

    When used for creating or updating purchase records, it has the following behaviors:
    • Check eligibility of gift registry purchase record
    • persist any changes requested by the GiftRegistryPurchaseRecordBOD message
    On error, an ECException is thrown from descendant classes.
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