Interface CheckGiftRegistryCredentialsCmd

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    BusinessObjectDocumentCmd,,,,, ECCommand,,, TaskCommand
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    public interface CheckGiftRegistryCredentialsCmd
    extends BusinessObjectDocumentCmd
    This class takes an AuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD as an input parameter. The AuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD must contain a gift registry ExternalId. A password is optional. If no password is supplied, the user is validated on the basis that:
    • They have already been authenticated (and we have history of it in the GiftRegistryContext).
    • they are a Registrant/Co-Registrant on this registry (The GiftRegistryRegistrantDataBean.getUserId(). value is checked against the users Id in the GiftRegistryContext
    If the AuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD has a password, then
    • 1) The password is validated against the gift registry
    If the AuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD has no password, then
    • 1) we check to see if this registry exists inside the users Context already
    • 2) we check to see if this registry is owned by this user
    Result: ConfirmAuthenticationGiftRegistryBOD
    On Success: It only contains a success message: getConfirmation().equals(Confirmation.SUCCESS)
    On Failure: an ECApplicationException is thrown. Possible messages include:
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