Class WebAssetsUploadCmdImpl

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    AccCommand, ControllerCommand, ECCommand, ECTargetableCommand, TempUploadCmd, WebAssetsUploadCmd, Protectable,,,,,,

    public class WebAssetsUploadCmdImpl
    extends TempUploadCmdImpl
    implements WebAssetsUploadCmd

    This class defines how web assets are uploaded to the file system. The location will be $wcsstore\storename\filepath\filename.

    $wcsstore is from the instance's configuration file. storename is based on the store_id from the command context. filepath is user-specified. filename is the file to be uploaded. For example: storelogo.gif. The user can specify a rename, which includes the file extension. For example: myicon.gif. In this case, uploaded file will be renamed to myicon.gif.

    A unique filename will not be generated. If the uploaded file already exists, it will be overwritten.

    This is not registered in the URL configuration or the command configuration. This interface is not intended to be used directly. It should be extended by other commands. There is no access control management. If a command extends this interface, access control checking will need to be implemented.

    In order to write a command which extends this interface, the attachment configuration section in the <instance_name>.xml file needs to be set up.

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      • WebAssetsUploadCmdImpl

        public WebAssetsUploadCmdImpl()
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      • constructFileString

        public java.lang.String constructFileString()
        This method gets the constructed file string.
        constructFileString in class TempUploadCmdImpl
        The constructed file string $wcsstore\storename\filepath\filename.