Interface OfferAddCmd

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    AccCommand,,,, ControllerCommand, ECCommand, Protectable,,
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    public interface OfferAddCmd
    extends ControllerCommand
    The OfferAddCmd is a URL and controller command that:
    • Adds a new offer.
    • Adds a new offer description.
    • Adds a new offer price.
    • Calls ListPriceAddCmd to create a list price.
    • All fields in the Offer table.
    • All fields in the OfferDesc table.
    • All fields in the OfferPrice table.
    • See ListPriceAdd command.
    Access Beans:
    • OfferAccessBean
    • OfferDescriptionAccessBean
    • OfferPriceAccessBean
    • See ListPriceAdd command.
    Task Commands: AddOfferCmd
    Other Controller Commands: ListpriceAddCmd
    Mandatory Parameters: (catentryId + identifier, or OfferId if offer already exists).
    Additional Parameters: None.
    Optional Parameters: field1, field2, flags, maxQuantity, minQuantity, precedence, published, qtyunitId, desc, descLangId, compareprice, currency and price, URL.
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        static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        The internal copyright field.
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        static final java.lang.String CLASSNAME
        The name of this interface is "".
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        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • getCatentryId

        java.lang.Long getCatentryId()
        Gets the catalog entry ID.
        the catalog entry ID
      • getOfferId

        java.lang.Long getOfferId()
        Gets the offer ID.
        the offer ID
      • setCatentryId

        void setCatentryId(java.lang.Long anCatentryId)
        Sets the catalog entry ID.
        anCatentryId - the catalog entry ID
      • setField1

        void setField1(java.lang.String astrField1)
        Sets field 1 of the offer.
        astrField1 - customizable field 1
      • setField2

        void setField2(java.lang.String astrField2)
        Sets field 2 of the offer.
        astrField2 - customizable field 2
      • setFlags

        void setFlags(java.lang.Integer anFlags)
        Sets the offer flag:
        • 1 = shipto address required (if 1, OrderPrepare will return an error if an OrderItem references this offer but does not have a shipping address)
        anFlags - the offer flag
      • setIdentifier

        void setIdentifier(java.lang.Long anIdentifier)
        Sets the offer identifier.
        anIdentifier - the identifier of the offer
      • setLastupdate

        void setLastupdate(java.sql.Timestamp atmLastupdate)
        Sets the last update time of the offer. If not set, the time the command was last called will be used.
        atmLastupdate - the time the offer is created or last updated
      • setMaximumQuantity

        void setMaximumQuantity(java.lang.Double adMaximumQuantity)
        Sets the maximum quantity allowed for the offer.
        adMaximumQuantity - the maximum quantity allowed
      • setMinimumQuantity

        void setMinimumQuantity(java.lang.Double adMinimumQuantity)
        Sets the minimum quantity required for the offer.
        adMinimumQuantity - the minimum quantity required
      • setOID

        void setOID(java.lang.String astrOID)
        Sets the object identifier for the offer.
        astrOID - the object identifier
      • setPrecedence

        void setPrecedence(java.lang.Double adPrecedence)
        Sets the precedence of the offer. When more than one offer is effective at a particular time, the one with the highest precedence is used.
        adPrecedence - the precedence of the offer
      • setPublished

        void setPublished(java.lang.Integer anPublished)
        Sets the published flag of the offer:
        • 0 = offer is not published (temporarily disabled).
        • 1 = offer is published.
        • 2 = offer is marked for deletion (and not published).
        anPublished - the published flag of the offer
      • setQtyunitId

        void setQtyunitId(java.lang.String astrQtyunitId)
        Sets the quantity unit ID. This is the unit of measure for minimum quantity and maximum quantity.
        astrQtyunitId - the quantity unit ID
      • setTradeposcnId

        void setTradeposcnId(java.lang.Long anTradeposcnId)
        Sets the trading position container ID for the offer.
        anTradeposcnId - the trading position container ID
      • setStartdate

        void setStartdate(java.sql.Timestamp atmStartdate)
        Sets the start date of the offer.
        atmStartdate - the start date
      • setEnddate

        void setEnddate(java.sql.Timestamp atmEnddate)
        Sets the end date of the offer.
        atmEnddate - the end date
      • setOfferId

        void setOfferId(java.lang.Long anOfferId)
        Sets the offer ID used to create offer description and offer price. When a new offer is being created, offer ID will be generated and it cannot be set by the caller of the command.
        anOfferId - the offer ID
      • setCompareprice

        void setCompareprice(java.math.BigDecimal abdCompareprice)
        Sets the comparative price of the catalog entry.
        abdCompareprice - the comparative price of the catalog entry
      • setCurrency

        void setCurrency(java.lang.String astrCurrency)
        Sets the currency of the price.
        astrCurrency - the currency used for the offer price
      • setPrice

        void setPrice(java.math.BigDecimal abdPrice)
        Sets the offer price of the catalog entry.
        abdPrice - the offer price
      • setDescLanguage

        void setDescLanguage(java.lang.Integer anDescLanguage)
        Sets the language ID used for the offer description.
        anDescLanguage - the language ID
      • setDescription

        void setDescription(java.lang.String astrDescription)
        Sets the language dependent description of the offer.
        astrDescription - the offer description
      • setURL

        void setURL(java.lang.String astrURL)
        Sets the redirect URL.
        astrURL - the redirect URL