Class BrandNavigationSuggestion

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    public class BrandNavigationSuggestion
    extends AbstractNavigationSuggestion
    implements NavigationSuggestion

    This class implements the NavigationSuggestion interface to provide navigation suggestions for the 'Brands' of the catalog entries from the catalog entry search index. It will return all of the Brands scoped to the current catalog and store.

    Below is an XML snippet of the information the webservice will return for this navigation suggestion handler. The information returned is:

    • SuggestionView -> Identifier:

      This is the identifier for this suggestion. It will return 'Brand'. This is helpful for the store developer in that they can look for this identifier and perform formatting in the storefront.

    • SuggestionView -> Label:

      This is a language sensitive display name for this suggestion. It will return 'Brand' for english, 'Marque' for french etc.

    • SuggestionView -> Entry -> Name:

      This is a display name for this suggestion entry for brand. It will return a possible value for Brand. (ie. IBM)

    • SuggestionView -> Entry -> Value:

      This is the value for use with link building in the store. It will return the search index column name 'mfName_ntk_cs'.

    • SuggestionView -> Entry -> Image:

      This is a display image for this suggestion entry for brand. Since Commerce does not have an associated database column for brand image, this service will simply return the same value as the name for convenience. (SuggestionView -> Entry -> Name) This can used for storefront display, but some processing on the image location will be needed on the store.

    • SuggestionView -> Entry -> UserData -> UserDataField (Count):

      This is a count value for the amount of catalog entries associated with this brand value. (ie. 418 products are of brand 'MapleWear'.)

    Here is example web service response for a Brand navigation suggestion:

            	<_wcf:UserDataField name="Count">418</_wcf:UserDataField>
            	<_wcf:UserDataField name="Count">20</_wcf:UserDataField>
    See Also:
    NavigationSuggestion, AbstractNavigationSuggestion, SearchNavigationSuggestionsResultFilter
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