Class SolrSearchCatEntryTypeQueryComposer

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  • public class SolrSearchCatEntryTypeQueryComposer
    This is the implementation of the AbstractSolrSearchQueryComposer used to compose Solr search query for an XPath query that contains catalog entry type code. The method maps the logical values in the XPath query to physical values in Solr index. IMPORTANT: If you wish to use this query composer, you'll have to add the logical to physical values mapping in the wc-component.xml file <_config:valuemapping externalName="CatalogEntryTypeMapping" internalName="CatalogEntryTypeMapping"> <_config:valuemap externalValue="Product" internalValue="ProductBean" /> <_config:valuemap externalValue="Item" internalValue="ItemBean" /> <_config:valuemap externalValue="Package" internalValue="PackageBean" /> <_config:valuemap externalValue="Bundle" internalValue="BundleBean" /> <_config:valuemap externalValue="DynamicKit" internalValue="DynamicKitBean" />
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      java.lang.String getSearchQuery(SelectionCriteria aSelectionCriteria, aQueryMappingConfig)
      Build a search query for a selection criteria.
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        public SolrSearchCatEntryTypeQueryComposer()
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        public java.lang.String getSearchQuery(SelectionCriteria aSelectionCriteria,
        Build a search query for a selection criteria.
        getSearchQuery in class
        aSelectionCriteria - Java representation of the search expression
        aQueryMappingConfig - The query mapping configuration instance
        search query