Class SolrSearchByManufacturerExpressionProvider

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    public class SolrSearchByManufacturerExpressionProvider
    extends SolrRESTSearchByManufacturerExpressionProvider
    This is a Solr specific implementation of the search expression provider for handling the search by brand name request. This provider helps converting an XPath expression into a Solr specific expression. The resulting Solr expression will be added back into the SelectionCriteria object for other downstream processing using the control parameter.
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      • SolrSearchByManufacturerExpressionProvider

        public SolrSearchByManufacturerExpressionProvider(java.lang.String componentId)
        Creates an instance of the search expression provider for a particular component. This instance can be used and re-used for future search requests.
        componentId - The target component.