Class SolrReadWebContentViewPartMediator

    • Constructor Detail

      • SolrReadWebContentViewPartMediator

        public SolrReadWebContentViewPartMediator()
    • Method Detail

      • buildNounPart

        public void buildNounPart(java.lang.Object aNoun,
                                  java.lang.Object aPhysicalEntity)
                           throws BusinessObjectMediatorException
        Build the /CatalogNavigationView/WebContentView portion of the CatalogNavigationView noun. If no WebContentView data is found in the physical object, then the logical noun is unchanged by this operation.
        aNoun - An object for holding the Logial entity which is of type CatalogNavigationView, to be populated by copying data from physical entity
        aPhysicalEntity - An object to hold the physical entity of type CatalogNavigationView which contains the data that has to be populated in Logical Entity.
        throws - an exception of type BusinessObjectMediatorException
        See Also:
        ReadBusinessObjectPartMediator.buildNounPart(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object)