Class ReadCatalogEntryFulfillmentPropertiesMediator

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    BusinessObjectMediator, ReadBusinessObjectPartMediator

    public class ReadCatalogEntryFulfillmentPropertiesMediator
    extends AbstractReadBusinessObjectPartMediatorImpl
    This class is used to read the catalog entry fulfillment properties. This mediator is used to convert the resultset data for the BASEITEM, ITEMVERSN, STOREITEM, ITEMSPC, VERSIONSPC tables into their logical manifestation in the logical CatalogEntry noun. The information is populated in the /CatalogEntry/UserData potion of the logical noun.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ReadCatalogEntryFulfillmentPropertiesMediator

        public ReadCatalogEntryFulfillmentPropertiesMediator()
    • Method Detail

      • buildNounPart

        public void buildNounPart(java.lang.Object aNoun,
                                  java.lang.Object aPhysicalEntity)
                           throws BusinessObjectMediatorException
        This method is used to build fulfillment properties information into the noun. The fulfillment properties contain the following parameters: uom, backOrderable, returnNotDesired, forceBackOrder, releaseSeparately, trackInventory, creditable, quantityMultiple
        aNoun - The logic SDO that need put the fulfillment properties in.
        aPhysicalEntity - The physical SDO with the fulfillment properties information that is retrieved from the database