Class FetchCatalogEntriesForCategoryTaskCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    FetchCatalogEntryCmd, AbstractFetchNounCmd,,

    public class FetchCatalogEntriesForCategoryTaskCmdImpl
    extends AbstractFetchCatalogEntrySOICmdImpl
    This fetch command retrieves all the catalog entries for a given catalog group and store. The catalog group id is passed as a parameter in xpath expression and the store id is retrieved from the BaseContext using ,getStoreId() method in the CatalogComponentHelper helper classs. This command also checks for the inclusion and exclusion product sets in the contracts applicable to the user.
    Following is the xpath expression used to invoke this command:
    UniqueID is the valid catalog group id for which catalog entries are to be retrieved.
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • FetchCatalogEntriesForCategoryTaskCmdImpl

        public FetchCatalogEntriesForCategoryTaskCmdImpl()
        The default constructor for this class. This constructor just calls the superclass constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • fetchCatalogEntrys

        public java.util.ArrayList fetchCatalogEntrys()
                                               throws CatalogSystemException,
        This method retrieves all the catalog entries for a given catalog group id passed by client. This method uses CategoryDataBean to retrieve all the catalog entries which fall under a catalog group. The databean is activated with a Catalog Group Id. Once populated, it returns an array of CatalogEntryAccessBean which are converted to CatalogEntryDataBeans and stored in a ArrayList which is returned to calling method.
        Returns an ArrayList containing CatalogEntryDataBeans.
      • setShow

        public void setShow(ShowType showVerb)
        This method sets the show response to associated with the fetch operation.
        showVerb - The responding show verb.