Class ChangeCatalogGroupIdentifierCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ChangeCatalogGroupPartCmd, AbstractChangeNounPartActionCmd, AbstractSyncNounPartActionCmd,,,,,,

    public class ChangeCatalogGroupIdentifierCmdImpl
    extends AbstractChangeCatalogGroupPartCmdImpl
    implements ChangeCatalogGroupPartCmd
    • This is the change command for catalog group identifier.
    • This command can be used to change the identifier of a catalog group.
    • The unique id of the catalog group needs to be passed in the request BOD.
    • The new identifier should also be passed.
    • The command validates the action passed.
    • It uses the configured mediator for the update.
    • Catalog Supported : Master Catalog,Sales Catalog.
    • Action Supported : CHANGE
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      • ChangeCatalogGroupIdentifierCmdImpl

        public ChangeCatalogGroupIdentifierCmdImpl()