Class ChangeCatalogEntryDisplaySequenceCmdImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ChangeCatalogEntryPartCmd, AbstractChangeNounPartActionCmd, AbstractSyncNounPartActionCmd,,,,,,

    public class ChangeCatalogEntryDisplaySequenceCmdImpl
    extends AbstractChangeCatalogEntryPartCmdImpl
    implements ChangeCatalogEntryPartCmd
    • This command changes the display sequence of the catalog
    • entry parent to catalog entry children relation.
    • The new display sequence of each child is passed in navigation
    • relationship type of the catalog entry noun, along with the catalog entry_id of the child.
    • Action supported : Change.
    • Catalogs Supported : Master Catalog.
    • Required parameters : Catalog entry id/partnumber of the parent, new display sequence of each child and the corresponding catentry id/partnumber of child.
    • Errors :
    • When the catalog context passed in is not a master catalog.
    • When the catalog entry provided is not of type Product.
    • When the child catalog entry provided is not of type SKU.
    • When the product-item relationship does not exist in the catalog.
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    Serialized Form
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      • ChangeCatalogEntryDisplaySequenceCmdImpl

        public ChangeCatalogEntryDisplaySequenceCmdImpl()