Location: ClientLocation Noun

ClientLocation noun defines types related to a client location. The service data object (SDO) is com.ibm.commerce.location.facade.datatypes.ClientLocationType.

BOD Summary

Access Profile and Expression Builder columns are for Get BOD only.
BOD Action Code / Access Profile Action Expression Service Provided Sample XML Message Client Library / Expression Builder
GetClientLocation IBM_All {_wcf.ap=IBM_All}/ClientLocation[(ClientLocationID='$clientLocationId$' and StoreID='$storeId$')] Get ClientLocatoin informaiton by client location ID.

ProcessClientLocation Create /ClientLocation[i] Creates a new client location data in the database.

Exceptions: An error results if one of the following conditions occurs:
  • The owner ID passed in the request BOD is different from the owner ID of the store in the context.
  • The specified point of interest does not exist.


Access Profile

Some sample XML request and response web service messages are provided for each noun. These sample messages might not include all properties or attributes. To view a sample message that includes other properties or attributes, enable logging and tracing for the appropriate component and then call the web service to set or change the properties or attributes. Review the corresponding log file to see the request or response information.

Access Profile Data Returned

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