Inventory xC extension points

You can customize how HCL Commerce integrates with external inventory management systems, such as how HCL Commerce consumes inventory availability updates from external inventory management systems.

The following table identifies the classes for inventory-related commands that you can customize through an externalized customization extension.
Extension point Where the extension point is used Request, Response formats Sample extension code location Sample CSV input files
inventory_update The SyncInventoryAvailability service calls the inventory_update extension point to perform custom actions (for example, change the available quantities) before updating the inventory availability cache. ChangeInventoryAvailabilityBasePartExtCmdUEInput, ChangeInventoryAvailabilityBasePartExtCmdUEOutput The updateInventoryQuantity method in workspace_dir/commerceue-app/src/main/java/com/ibm/commerce/inventory/ue/rest/ inventory_update

Sample input files for registering and assigning order xC extension points

Extension point Registering extension code with UEConfig.csv Assigning extension code to extension points with CmdReg.csv
  • Sample CmdReg_invupdate.csv
  • Set Properties column to include the UEConfigId integer value.
  • Set StoreIdentifier column to include the name of your store. If you want all stores to use the same extension code, then specify NullEntity. For more information, see Registering custom xC extensions.