This table contains preview tokens generated for service preview and store preview links.

Column Descriptions:

PREVIEWTOKEN_IDBIGINT NOT NULLInternal ID of the preview token.
STOREENT_IDINTEGER NOT NULLID of the store in which the preview token is generated.
USERS_IDBIGINT NOT NULLID of the user who generated the preview token.
STARTDATETIMESTAMP NOT NULLStart date/time of the preview token.
ENDDATETIMESTAMP NOT NULLEnd date/time of the preview token.
STATUSCHAR (1) NOT NULLStatus of the preview token: A - active R - revoked
PASSWORDVARCHAR (256)The store preview link password.
SALTVARCHAR (256)Random string prepended to the store preview link password before hashing.
CTXDATAVARCHAR (4000)Context data associated with the preview token.
PROPERTIESVARCHAR (1024)Additional properties associated with the preview token.
OPTCOUNTERSMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0The optimistic concurrency control counter for the table. Every time there is an update to the table, the counter is incremented.


NameColumn NamesType
I0001506STOREENT_IDNon-Unique Index
I0001507ENDDATE+STATUSNon-Unique Index

Constrained By Parent Tables:

ConstraintColumnsParent TableParent ColumnsType