Publish Status

Use the Publish Status page to check on the status of your publishing jobs. From this page you can also view more details about the publishing job, remove publishing jobs from the list, or refresh the page.

Existing publish jobs are displayed in a table with the following information:

Job Number
The number assigned to the publishing job when you published the store archive.
Store Archive
The store archive you are publishing.
Start Time
The date and time you initiated publishing.
End Time
The date and time publishing completed.
Publish Status
The publishing status, for example, Successful, Failed.
Note: When you clean up the scheduled jobs using the CleanJob command, the publishing utility cannot retrieve the publish status for previously published store archives. As a result, the publish status for a successfully published store archive will not be displayed in the list, although the store archive has already been successfully published.
Select the publish job for which you want to view more details. Click Details.
Select the publish job you want to remove. Click Remove. The publishing job is removed from the list.
Remove All
Click Remove All to remove all publishing jobs from the list.
Click Refresh to update the Publish Job Status page.

The Publish Summary is automatically refreshed during publishing to provide the most recent status.